Fischer Meats Issaquah WA

The finest meat shop in Issaquah Washington

Serving Seattle, the Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, Kent), Snoqualmie & North Bend.

It’s all about Quality: Fischer Meats offers its customers the finest cuts of meat and specializes in premium Black Angus beef, all natural Washington grown chicken and locally grown pork, lamb and veal. The USDA federally inspects Fischer Meats to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

We do specialty cuts so if you come into our store and don't see the particular cut of meat that you want, just ask us and we'll take care of you. As a full service shop, we're here to provide you with highest quality of meat in the cuts that you want.

Our Motto:  "If we don’t carry it, we’ll get it."


Chicken (All natural -Washington grown)

  • Whole fryers (cut up no charge)
  • Breast (bone in, boneless)

Specialty Chicken

  • Stuffed breast (herb & apple)
  • Cordon bleu (ham & cheese)
  • Broccoli & cheese
  • Kiev (herbed seasoned butter)


Pork (All Natural-Washington grown)

  • Pork chops (regular and extra thick)
  • Babyback ribs
  • St. Louis ribs
  • Tenderloin
  • Pork loin roast (bone-in or boneless)
  • Pork shoulder (bone-in or boneless)
  • Specialty pork
  • Stuffed chops (herb & apple)
  • Stuffed tenderloin (herb & apple)
  • Pork crown roast


All from our own smokehouse

  • Beef jerky (regular, sweet, peppered)
  • Bacon candy
  • Turkey jerky
  • Pepperoni sticks (2 flavors: all meat, chicken)
  • Summer sausage (regular & cheese with jalapeno)
  • Beef & cheese sausage (regular & jalapeno)

Other smoked items include bacon, ham shanks, pork chops, bone hams.

Washington grown beef Chicken Pork Sausage steak


Beef (All Natural USDA Choice Angus Washington Beef)

  • Porterhouse
  • T-bone
  • Top sirloin
  • Rib eyes
  • Tri-tip
  • New York strip
  • Tenderloin
  • Flank
  • Skirt
Specialty Steaks
  • Baseball cut top sirloin
  • Cowboy rib steak


  • Boneless chuck
  • Bottom round
  • Eye of round
  • Top round
  • Tenderloin
  • Prime rib
  • Marinated tri-tip
  • Corned beef bottom round

Ground Beef

(Fischer Meats grinds daily using our own trimmings to provide our customers with the freshest ground beef available)

  • Extra lean (all boneless chuck, 10-12% fat content)
  • Lean (18-20% fat content)


In a hurry? Any of our ready-to-go items makes a nutritious meal for your family without the messy preparation-all you do is cook it.

  • Meatloaf
  • Stuffed bell peppers
  • Dijon & parmesan chicken breast
  • Marinated flank steak
  • Maui short ribs
  • Beef & chicken kabobs
  • Beef & chicken fajita mix


Lamb (all local)

  • Leg of lamb
  • Loin chops
  • Shoulder steaks
  • Ground lamb
  • Stew
  • Shanks


Fischer Meats makes all their sausages in-house with fresh all natural ingredients and has one of the region’s largest selections of smoked and fresh sausages.

Pork Sausages:

  • Mild/hot Italian
  • German bratwurst
  • Potato
  • English bangers
  • Cranberry walnut
  • Mexican chorizo
  • Lamb & pork with pinenuts
  • Apple cinnamon
  • Bulk breakfast
  • Little pigs

Chicken Sausages:

  • Hot/mild Italian
  • Garlic
  • Sun-dried tomato
  • Demayo (cheese & peppers)
  • Apple curry
  • Tarragon
  • Cajun

Remember: Fischer Meats features products from Bavarian Meats in Seattle

  • German wieners
  • Bockwurst
  • Knackwurst
  • Braunschweiger
  • Landejaeger
  • Cervalat
  • Blood sausage

Fischer Meats also carries a variety of spices, sauces, condiments and rubs to compliment our meat, poultry and smoked products.

Some additional information

Washington Beef Located in the agriculture-rich Yakima Valley, Washington Beef has been working with the very best Washington cattle feeders since 1979 to provide the highest quality beef products possible.

We look forward to “meating” you.